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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Book on the Image of God now available

My latest book, entitled The Image of God, is now available in print and in e-book form. The easiest place to find it in print is probably on Amazon, though it is available at other online retailers. It can also be found as an e-book in all formats at Smashwords. You can also find it available for Kindle at Amazon.

The cover description reads:

The Image of God is the centerpiece of the Bible's teaching about what it truly means to be human. In this book, Glenn Sunshine discusses fourteen aspects of the Image of God, what it has meant in history, and its implications for today. By exploring the story of the creation in Genesis, Sunshine details what the Bible says about human purpose and abilities, the effects of sin on humanity, the impact of redemption, and the restoration of humanity's original calling in Christ. Questions offered at the end of each chapter make The Image of God ideal for personal or group study.