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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So let me get this straight: a series of rhetorical questions

You object to the idea that corporations are people and so have a right to free speech guaranteed by the first amendment, but you are perfectly fine with applying the right to free exercise of religion guaranteed by the first amendment only to corporate entities like churches and not to individuals?

You object to people forcing their beliefs on other people, but you are fine with forcing people who believe that contraception is wrong to pay for contraceptives for those who don’t? They don’t prevent you from using contraceptives, but they do object to paying for them, so how is that forcing their beliefs on you rather than the other way around?

The HHS mandate that goes into effect today has a religious exemption so narrowly defined that Mother Theresa’s Sisters of Charity doesn’t qualify, yet this is supposed to be compatible with the guarantee of free exercise of religion?

Are you kidding me?