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Monday, March 12, 2012

True Reason

In response to the new atheists' Reason Rally, to be held on March 24 on the Washington Mall, Tom Gilson over at Breakpoint asked me to contribute chapter to a book tentatively titled "Reason, Really?" After batting around a few possible topics, we settled on Christianity and slavery. Other chapters were contributed by William Lane Craig, Sean McDowell, Chuck Edwards, John DePoe, Peter Grice, Matthew Flannagan, Randy Hardman, David Marshall, Carson Weitnauer, and David Wood. In what probably counts as the greatest miracle since the Resurrection, the book was completed in less than two months.

The book, which has been retitled "True Reason," has been released as an e-book published by Patheos Press. You can order the book for all the major e-readers through this link. If there's enough interest, Patheos may put out a print edition as well.